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I've coached leaders throughout my corporate career and experienced first hand it's positive impact. I now work with executives, leaders and business owners to develop strategies for increased performance, personal growth and development. This can be with individuals or teams and is focussed on identifying the courageous steps necessary to lead authentically and positively impact how work is done.


I work with organisations to identify the development required for growth and future potential. This could be because a business is going through significant change, expansion or consolidation and needs to ensure its people have the skills and tools required. Areas of focus might include:

  • Change strategies including organisation design and transition planning

  • Values, leadership practices and organisational culture

  • Leadership development

Inclusive workplaces

I'm passionate about harnessing diverse talent and leadership capability that enables all people to thrive (and not just survive). I work with organisations to identify the necessary changes to work and leadership practices, creating systemic solutions which when implemented lead to inclusive workplace culture. This could include:​

  • Talent & succession planning

  • Inclusive talent development

  • Developing contemporary working practices which attract and retain top talent


What clients say about me

I'm known for my empathy, wisdom, courage and pragmatism. I think big picture and follow through with the practical steps to make it happen.  The work I do empowers people and organisations to generate solutions which deliver greater clarity, focus and impact. Outcomes include more authentic & compelling leadership, increased fulfilment, engagement and enhanced performance

Contact Me

For an initial discussion please reach out in one of the following ways:


  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
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